Brooklynphono: A Documentary Short filmed with the Canon EOS C300 Mark II

April 29, 2016

This short documentary by Producer/Director Jem Schofield and Cinematographer Matt Porwoll dives into the world of Brooklynphono, a vinyl record pressing factory based in Sunset Park, NY. Shot with the Canon EOS C300 Mark II, this documentary gives us an inside look at the record pressing business, and the passion that owners Thomas Bernich and Fern Vernon Bernich have for their craft.

Watch the documentary, then go behind the scenes as Matt Porwoll takes us through his camera builds, his custom settings including assignable buttons, resolution and color space options, as well as his lighting setup for the shoot.

Episode 1: Camera Build and Setup
In this episode, Matt Porwoll takes us through his builds and configurations for the C300 Mark II, which help make the camera more balanced and versatile while shooting. Watch and learn about all the accessories that Matt uses with his C300 Mark II!

Episode 2: Assignable Buttons and My Menu Settings
One of the great customizable options available on the C300 Mark II are the custom assignable buttons. Documentary cinematographer Matt Porwoll demonstrates how to reassign buttons in the camera menu, and shows us which buttons he likes to reassign for his custom shooting experience.

Episode 3: Camera Setup: Resolution, Color Space Options, and Proxy Files
Go behind the scenes with cinematographer Matt Porwoll as he talks about his camera setup used in shooting the short documentary Brooklyn Phono. Matt discusses some of the options with resolution, color space and log gamma available on the C300 Mark II.

Episode 4: The Craft of Interview Lighting
Cinematographer Matt Porwoll takes us behind the scenes of the interview shoot and gives us an inside look at the lighting setup he used to create the look and feel for that shoot.

Episode 5: A Conversation on Workflow, Color Grading, and Deliverables with Technicolor Postworks New York
Documentary Cinematographer Matt Porwoll sits down with Technicolor Postworks to discuss post-production workflow, color space considerations, new color space options, and how all these affect the decisions that filmmakers make during their shoots.  

Episode 6: Color Grading Session with Technicolor Postworks
In this episode, Cinematographer Matt Porwoll sits down with Jack Lewars, Digital Intermediate Colorist at Technicolor Postworks to give us insight on the color grading process and the decisions that are made to achieve the desired look in the final product.


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Thomas Bernich

Franz Brun

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Jack Dewar

Erika Filiberto

James Kwan

Marian Mastrorilli

Ben Murray

Matt Porwoll

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