Environmental Portraits with Speedlites: Tutorial Series

February 02, 2012

Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn has been teaching Speedlite techniques around the country for years through Canon Live Learning and his own workshops. With the Canon Digital Learning Center's exclusive tutorials series on Environmental Portraits with Speedlites, now even more photographers can watch and learn.

This series was designed to appeal to a range of users, from photo enthusiasts to full-time professionals. Featuring a wide range of equipment, techniques, accessories, subject, and locations, there is useful insights and tips for every skill level.

Check out this series of nine informative video tutorials:

In Party Pix, Bruce Dorn demonstrates super-simple E-TTL II speedlite techniques. Entry-level gear is featured including an EOS 60D, Speedlite 270EX II and Speedlite 320EX. Also, learn how to make your own kid-friendly flash reflector.

In Cool Cats travel with Bruce to Montana as he creates a portrait of an Exotic Animal Keeper and her adorable Cougar kittens. These fast, effective, and non-intrusive E-TTL II techniques are great for any kind of exterior situation that would benefit from simple fill flash.

In Ratio Control, Bruce uses three gelled off-camera Speedlites and a homemade gobo to demonstrate E-TTL II ratio control during the production of a High School Senior portrait. Learn how to make your own gobo for unique lighting effects.

In Executive Portrait, Bruce creates a dramatic portrait of a dynamic CEO in an a very unusual situation. Two useful Speedlite light modifiers are featured, as well as the PocketWiazrd radio system.

In Bride & Groom, Bruce uses large umbrellas, softboxes, and other modifiers to create a series of dramatic and graphically-interesting wedding portraits. Also features radio transmitters and the challenge of working with mixed indoor/outdoor lighting. Lastly, Bruce share several easy, run-and-gun Speedlite tricks that every event photographer should have up their sleeve.

In Fishin' for Style, head out into the great outdoors to create a wind-blown portrait of an avid angler. Flash Exposure Compensation is featured as Bruce works with a single off-camera Speedlite, a radio repeater, and a wind-resistant light modifier.

In Roller Girls, Bruce demonstrates 2nd Curtain Sync when shooting action and movement with a single off-camera Speedlite. Later in the tutorial, he creates a striking outdoor group portrait using three direct off-camera Speedlites and radio transmitters.

In The Badlander Bar, Bruce uses just two snooted Speedlites to selectively illuminate a simple but dramatic “old west” scene in a bar interior. Learn how to make a DIY snoot, custom designed to fit your Speedlite flash.

In The Biker & The Bobber, Bruce use a giant parabolic umbrella and six Speedlites mounted together to demonstrate High Speed Sync’s ability to overpower daylight.


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