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  • 08/23/2014
    Click! Time to Look Good!

    San Francisco, California

    Hanson Fong is known for his animated teaching skills as well as his photographic prowess. He will share with you his perception in creating perfect photographic harmony by demonstrating how to use correct lighting, from natural light to hot light to flash lighting.

  • 08/28/2014
    Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Off-Camera Wireless Radio System

    San Francisco, California

    This class goes into depth on how the Speedlite 600Ex-RT works, using its radio-based wireless transmission. You’ll learn menu navigation, custom functions and personal functions as well as how to use single or multiple flash units off camera to create beautiful light ANYWHERE!

  • 08/20/2014
    Mastering Canon EOS 1-D X and EOS 5D Mark III AF System

    San Francisco, California

    This class, delivered by our very own Canon Pro Market Representative Jim Rose, breaks the AF system down into segments to make choosing how you want the camera to behave a much simpler task.

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