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EOS HD Storytelling Workshop

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Produce a story worth telling
The HD video capability of today’s Canon EOS cameras makes it possible to tell your story like never before. Join a small group of your peers to learn key storytelling skills from Emmy award-winning photojournalist Sharon Levy Freed. Taking you beyond traditional home movies and disjointed footage, she reveals the secrets to crafting riveting videos complete with compelling audio.

This hands-on workshop covers each step of the storytelling process, including plot development, character recognition,  composition, creative lighting, sequencing, camera operation, and editing. Whether your interest is in documenting family events, capturing the world around you, or making a short film, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how to create visually stunning and engaging videos.

The workshop covers:
• Composition
• Lens selection
• Audio considerations
• Capturing reality
• Storytelling components
• Camera stabilization
• Editing, and more

The fee for this day-long event includes material costs and specialized equipment. Participants should be very comfortable with their Canon EOS equipment, as the instructor will be teaching at an advanced amateur level. Please bring your favorite camera and lens, tripod, plenty of memory cards and charged batteries. Most importantly, bring an open mind and energy to develop your own media production style.  A pro rep will be on hand to answer questions and assist with technical issues. Canon professional gear will also be available for loan.

Instructor Bio
Sharon Levy Freed is an Emmy award-winning television photojournalist and professional non-linear editing instructor. A Denver native, Sharon likes to be in the front row and discovered long ago that putting a video camera on her shoulder gets her where the action is all the time.


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  • "[The workshop] drastically changed the way I view telling a story when creating a video. I feel that my future videos will have a stronger storyline that is easier to follow. I learned the ways to make the storyline come to life in the footage I shoot.” (Ryan, Mishawaka, IN)
  • “I had never even used the video features before this class. This has opened me up to a new avenue of Photographic expression. Thank you.” (John, Key Largo, FL)
  • “I must say, I have learned so much by attending this class. There was a lot I did not know, but left feeling like I was a pro. The instructor really made you feel good about attending the class. She was a joy.” (Hazel, Forest Park, GA)

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