The Canon Par Excellence Award

January 01, 2014


The Canon Par Excellence Award recognizes imaging excellence through cooperation between Canon USA, Inc, and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Announced in 2008 at Imaging USA in Tampa, FL, this award represents the pinnacle of achievement at the PPA regional level.

Canon USA is committed to recognizing and supporting the photographic efforts of the Professional Photographers of America. The criterion for this award set it well above awards initiated by other corporate sponsors, and make it highly sought after. It serves as both an inspiration and an honor to participating members of the PPA.

The Canon Par Excellence will be awarded at every participating PPA District Imaging Competition. Every PPA member who enters four images at their designated PPA District Competition is eligible for the Canon Par Excellence, regardless of their membership status with the host association.

Image-Maker must achieve a minimum score of 80 on each of the four entries.

The Canon Par Excellence Award is presented to an individual image-maker. Each image-maker with a case achieving four scores of 80 or above will be eligible for consideration. The District Jurors will consider the four entries of those image-makers as a body of work using the "Twelve Elements of a Merit Image", as defined by the PPA, as the criteria for this award. The Jurors must make their selection from the original entries and viewing copies or digital reproductions is not acceptable.

A PPA member is eligible for only one Par Excellence Award annually.

When a case is chosen that has been produced by more than one image-maker, only one Par Excellence Award will be presented.

The Par Excellence Award is available to all participating PPA District Imaging Competitions. District Print Chairperson, please download the application below.

PPA District Print Chairperson, please contact Mary Mannix at for questions.

EOS Professional Camera and Lens
Each Par Excellence Award winner will receive a current model professional EOS camera and lens kit, the ultimate in Canon SLR technology.

Crystal Award
The coveted Canon Par Excellence Award is a beautiful crystal engraved with the Canon logo and is awarded to each winner in this pinnacle of print competition.

Canon Par Excellence Gallery
Selected images from each winner will be featured in the distinguished Canon Par Excellence Gallery showcased online in the Canon Digital Learning Center which will be Coming Soon.

Ann Naugher
South West District, Hopkins Fine Portraits, Photographic Open, 9/29/12




Michael Stahl
North East District, Best Friend Photography, Photographic Open, 3/17/12




Karen Nakamura
Western District, Karen Nakamura Photography, Photographic Open, 8/10/12




Jessica Vogel
South East District, Jessica Vogel Photography, Photographic Open, 4/1/12




Lois Stanfield
South East District, Lois Stanfield Equine and Pet Portraiture, Master Artist, 4/1/12




Audrey Wancket
North Central District, Wancket Studios, Photographic Open, 2/26/12



Par Excellence Select
Presented at Imaging USA 2013


Thom Rouse
Rouse Imaging




District Recipients


Cheri MacCallum
Western States District, Art by Cheri, Photographic Open, February 2013




Chris Kogut
North East District, Chris Kogut Photography, Photographic Open, March 2013




Elaine Hughes
North East District, Robert Hughes Photography, Master Artist, March 2013




Audrey Wancket
North Central District, Wancket Studios, Photographic Open, February 2013




Jonathan Burton
South East District, Jonathan Burton Photography, Photographic Open, April 2013




Michelle Parsley
South East District, Kindle the Heart Fine Art & Photography, Master Artist, April 2013



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