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Eduardo Angel

Eduardo Angel has worked as a photographer, DP, digital consultant, photography instructor, and architect.

Develop a Highly Productive Printing Workflow in 13 steps

October 25, 2011

Setting up a PIXMA Pro-1 Printer

Understanding Color Spaces

Five Tips to Consider When Evaluating Prints

Large-scale Printing Settings


When you have complete control of your digital workflow, you possess the potential to create images that are, in one powerful word, consistent.

This new "Printing Workflow" series delivers an in-depth explanation of the 13 most important steps you should take-from capture to output-in order to increase productivity and develop a color-managed workflow that you can count on.

The "Printing Workflow" series will help you:

  • Learn how to easily set up your PIXMA printer, and learn how to network multiple computers to a single printer.
  • Properly use the printer's Color Mode presets, and understand color space, camera settings and ICC printer profiles. Learn how to choose the correct media type for the most popular inkjet papers.
  • Follow step-by-step tutorials that cover how to properly print from Canon Digital Photo Professional, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and Adobe Lightroom 3.
  • Find out how to easily create a custom ICC profile for your EOS system, and discover how your camera really sees color. Learn several ways to take advantage of your PIXMA printer's integration with Xrite's ColorMunki and i1Pro.
  • Discover how to standardize viewing conditions when evaluating prints, and learn how to minimize miscommunications with your clients, and cut down on wasted time and resources.
  • Understand what "black ink changeover" really means, and why it is not an issue with Canon professional printers.

All of these tips, and more, are included in this exciting new series that will help you take control of your workflow and achieve consistent results.

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