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Canon Inc. interviews engineers on Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology and introduces EOS 70D

July 12, 2013

Canon engineers have delivered a technological breakthrough with the new Dual Pixel CMOS AF system in the EOS 70D camera. This new AF system provides excellent AF performance in two situations that, up to now, have been problematic for SLR shooters — taking still images while using Live View and while recording video. In the .PDF document on this page (scroll below for link to .PDF file), engineers from Canon Inc. in Japan, who were directly involved in the creation of this new AF system, provide insight into the Dual Pixel CMOS AF concept and the challenges they faced in developing it. It’s a look inside the engineering department of a major camera maker, which is rarely seen from the outside.

Along with the interviews are short videos about the EOS 70D’s introduction and its AF capabilities. Also included are behind the scenes videos that explain how the short film "Handmade" was created with the camera and the various lenses used during production.

Canon U.S.A., Inc.’s education team hopes these pieces give interested photographers and videographers an idea of what Dual Pixel CMOS AF can potentially deliver and how this AF technology came to be in the first place. We hope you enjoy this information!

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