Print Studio Pro Overview

July 15, 2016

Print Studio Pro (PSP) is a powerful tool in your printing workflow. With PSP, you can configure your layout, print settings, and color management; and apply corrections all in one easy-to-use interface.

Launching Print Studio Pro

Print Studio Pro operates as a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom®, and Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software. In order to use PSP, begin by opening an image in your preferred editing application.

  • If you are launching the software from Adobe Photoshop, navigate to File > Automate > Canon Print Studio Pro.
  • From Adobe Photoshop Elements, click Automate and select Canon Print Studio Pro.
  • From Adobe Lightroom, select File > Plug-in Extras > Canon Print Studio Pro.
  • If you are using Canon Digital Photo Professional software, select Plug-in printing > Print with Print Studio Pro.


Navigating the Interface

This software includes extensive information and editing functions within a single screen, making it quick and easy to navigate through your print driver options.

Information Area

On the left side of the window, you will see the Image Information and Print Settings information areas. The Image Information area enables you to see key information about your image such as output resolution, bit depth, and color space, while the Print Settings area will show you all of your print settings at a glance.

Below the information bars, you will see three orientation options that allow you to change the layout of the Tools and Thumbnails areas of the main screen, placing them at the bottom, left, or right of the image preview.


In the center of your window, you will see a preview of your printed output. This will show you your edits and margin adjustments as you make them. If you have multiple images set up to print on one page, you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping. If you have selected a bordered layout, you can also adjust the size of your prints by dragging and dropping in the preview.

Tools and Thumbnails

The Tools area contains several quick functions to help you adjust your view and the paper orientation:

  • Rotate image left or right by 90 degrees
  • Crop your image to choose a new printable area on the fly
  • Toggle between displaying your photo information at the bottom or at the right side of the image
  • Zoom in, zoom out, choose the scale, or display the whole page of your image preview
  • Display paper horizontally or vertically
  • Switch between displayed pages if multiple pages have been selected

The Thumbnails area will show you thumbnails of the images you have selected to print. Images that are checked will be printed. You may also choose to change the order of printed images by dragging and dropping them. By hovering your cursor over the checkbox, you can see a popup of the file name. You may also choose to hide the thumbnails by toggling the arrow at the bottom of the window.

My Settings

The My Settings dialog displays a list of up to 200 customized settings that you may Register. Drag and drop to change the display order of your settings. After you have selected a setting configuration, choose Apply to use those settings in your print. The Edit button opens the Print History Details Dialog to allow you to edit and manage your settings. Toggle the arrow on the right side of the window to hide or display.

Print Settings

The Print Settings window allows you to choose your Canon Professional Printer, media type, paper size, paper source, print quality, clear coating, and Contrast Reproduction options.

Color Management

The color management area allows you to set color management options for your printing scenario. Color Mode allows you to choose between using ICC profiles, driver matching, and printing black and white photos. If you are using third party papers, use ICC profiles. If you are using Canon papers, select Driver Matching and the printer driver will automatically select the correct color management configuration based on the paper type you selected. Use the Black and White Photo option to configure black and white photo printing.


The Layout menu allows you to configure the margins and the layout for your prints. Depending on the page size that you have selected, you can choose between bordered or borderless options, and the number of images to include per page.

Text Settings allow you to customize a header, footer, copyright, and photo information to print along with your images when you choose a bordered option. If you select borderless printing, only the copyright information will be available.


The correction menu allows you to make global corrections to your images and preview the results before printing.

Color Correction Options

If you have selected Use ICC Profile or Driver Matching in the Print Settings, you will see correction options for color. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and color balance using the sliders, or fine-tune your color corrections by using the curves function. If desired, you can save your curve corrections for use in a future job.

Black and White Color Corrections

When you select Black and White Photo in the Print Settings, the correction options will switch to black and white tools including Brightness, Contrast, Strength, Tone, Highlight, and Shadow. In the color tone adjustment space, you can customize your color tone by dragging the cursor along the color grid. If you check the Darken white areas in the photo option, a small amount of ink will print in white areas of your photo to distinguish the boundary between the image and the paper. For more fine tuning, use the curves function to manually adjust your brightness and contrast.

Pattern Print

The Pattern Print option generates a series of color variations on a single sheet. Print the pattern with your print output settings to help you optimize color tones or brightness and contrast options for your final output. Print a small version of your full image, or use the slider and move functions in the preview area to crop in to a smaller portion of your photo. The Pattern Size menu allows you to determine the size and number of variations in your pattern; the Color Variation between Instances button allows you to choose the amount of difference to print between patterns. Use the sliders to make last-minute global adjustments to your print.


Ready to Print!

Once you have configured your print to your exact specifications, click the Print button in the lower right hand corner of the Print Studio Pro window. Because you have already set up all of your settings, there is no need to go through the page setup and print driver options in your operating system. Just make sure that your presets are set to Default or Standard, and click Print to start your job.

Print Studio Pro is a powerful addition to your imaging workflow. Use this tool to quickly configure and preview your printer settings and you will save time, materials and frustration as you output prints that are exactly as you envision.

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