EOS C300 Accessory Configurator


The EOS C300 is extremely modular. Build your own configuration with the included accessories: 4" LCD Monitor Unit, Handle Unit, Grip Unit, and Eye Cup.
What configuration fits your production needs?


Whether completely stripped down or built up with multiple accessories, see how the EOS C300 can be used for various shooting styles on location or in the studio.

Grip Unit

The camera has a removable hand grip with a control dial and function buttons, allowing for DSLR style hand-held shooting. The grip unit can be attached at any of 24 positions in 15° intervals to give you a convenient grip angle for high- and low-angle shooting.

Thumb Rest

The thumb rest can be used for a minimal configuration and when using a tripod. It is removed to attached the Grip Unit.

Eye Cup

The eye cup can easily be attached to the viewfinder's rubber exterior for left-eye or right-eye shooting, providing superior light-blocking without limiting your access to the dioptric adjustment dial.

Handle Unit

The handle unit is easily attached onto the camera’s accessory shoe for ease of carrying. The handle also has a front and top accessory shoe, convenient for a variety of commercially available accessories.


The entire 4-inch, 1.23 megapixel monitor and control panel can be rotated 270° sideways allowing for easy monitoring and operation from the side of the camera. The independently articulated LCD panel can be rotated 180° sideways and 270° up and down. The dedicated MIRROR button corrects the orientation of the displayed image horizontally and vertically, so it can be viewed accurately from any angle. Combined, you can position the LCD monitor at a comfortable angle to accomodate your shooting style.


Scenario 1

Utilize the thumb rest for a comfortable grip while viewing through the electronic viewfinder.

Scenario 2

The thumb rest allows for a relaxed grip, and the addition of the rotating LCD
monitor creates more versatile viewing possibilities.

Scenario 3

Fold the rotating LCD monitor into position for easy viewing during eye-level shooting
while maintaining a comfortable grip on the thumb rest.

Scenario 4

Keep a firm grip using the thumb rest while viewing through the electronic viewfinder as a focus puller simultaneously utilizes the rotating LCD monitor for viewing.

Scenario 5

The hand grip allows for a more secure, stable hold when shooting through the electronic viewfinder as a focus puller simultaneously views through the LCD monitor.

Scenario 6

The rotating hand grip and rotating LCD monitor provide
for a more comfortable, hand-held overhead shooting.

Scenario 7

The rotating hand grip enables comfortable hand-held shooting at waist level,
while the rotating LCD provides convenient viewing.

Scenario 7

Utilize rotating hand grip and mount the rotating LCD on top of the handle
for steady dolly-type movements at waist level.

Scenario 8

Utilize the handle in combination with the rotating LCD monitor
mounted on the handle for steady waist level shooting.

Scenario 9

Gripping the handle allows you to comfortably brace the camera
against your shoulder during shooting.

Scenario 10

Use the hand grip for secure shooting while comfortably viewing
the rotating LCD monitor at eye-level.

Scenario 11

The combination of handle and rotating LCD monitor allows you to maintain
constant view and firm grip while shooting overhead.

Scenario 12

The handle and rotating LCD combination allow for ground level shooting,
and hand-held jib-type movements.

Scenario 13

Brace the camera against your body for stable waist-level shooting
while viewing the rotating LCD monitor.

Scenario 14

Maintain a sturdy grip on the handle and an easy view with the rotating
LCD monitor, for a bird’s eye view.

Scenario 15

Use the handle for a secure grip, the thumb rest for stability, and the rotating
LCD monitor for convenient waist-level shooting.

Scenario 16

The rotating hand grip allows for secure and stable hand-held operation. Add the eyecup
to block light while viewing through the electronic viewfinder.

Scenario 17

Use the hand grip and mount the rotating LCD monitor on the rear of the handle for comfortable viewing when shooting hand-held dolly-type movements.

Scenario 18

Mount the rotating LCD monitor on the front of the handle while maintaining a grip on the handle for a comfortable alternative to hand-held slider-type movements.

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