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Onne van der Wal
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Onne has spent his whole life on the water, initially sailing on small dinghies with family in Holland and South Africa, and later on racing large ocean going sailboats as a professional crew member. Onne's start to photography came about while racing on the Whitbread round the world race on Flyer as a crew member who happened to bring along a camera. The boat won the 1981-82 race and, being the bowman, he would regularly be at the top of the mast or the tip of the spinnaker pole doing his sailor duties, but also taking a few images. The images he captured from these unique angles put his name on the map and on the cover of every sailing magazine worldwide. This was the start of a very successful career of shooting sailing. 

Onne hung up his sailing boots in 1987 and started his nautical photography business in Newport, RI, a town that is steeped in sailing since the early days of sail and is the heart and capital of sailing and racing in the US today. Onne's work has appeared on and in every major sailing publication world wide and he has shot commercially for just about every boat builder in the US. His photography adventures have taken him to about as close as a sailboat can get to both icey poles and all the tropical cruising destinations in between. He is regarded as one of the top nautical shooters worldwide and now lives across the water from Newport in Jamestown, RI with his wife, Tenley, three kids and a little beagle called Lucy.

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