Traditional wide-angle coverage (on a full-frame camera), but combined with much faster f/1.8 maximum aperture. The EF 28mm f/1.8 USM is another great alternative to wide zoom lenses, faster than any currently available in the Canon line, and significantly more compact and less expensive as well. Once again, it's a lens that works equally well for video, and offers even more ability to combine a wide angle view with relatively narrow depth-of-field. For any moderate wide coverage in low light, this is an affordable option well worth considering.

  • Equivalent to 45mm coverage when used on APS-C size sensor cameras (EOS 7D, etc) with 1.6x "crop factor" – an excellent option when normal-lens perspective is needed in low-light situations
  • For cost-conscious buyers, a great choice for documentary work with available light. Excellent possibility for institutional or educational buyers, where budget considerations may preclude purchase of f/2.8 L-series zoom lenses
  • Very nice for available light video recording, and comes into its own with EOS 5D Mark II, where it'll provide true wide-angle coverage along with that wide f/1.8 aperture

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